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Not at all. Aside from being impractical, it’s also unsafe given the uncertain trajectory of coronavirus. What brands need instead are added layers of protection for their confidential internal and client information. An IT training and certification company IBEX IT Business Experts believes it has the right cybersecurity solutions to address troubling remote work concerns. As a part of Verizon’s Partner Program, IBEX was given the authorization to resell Verizon’s Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform, a software that provides automated threat detection, forensic exploration, and workflow intelligence to help identify and reduce cyber attacks. Accompanied by IBEX’s IT training and certification courses, NDR provides IBEX’s customers with confidence that their data and networks are secure.  Below are a few suggestions IBEX has made for clients who want to lower their telecommuting population’s security risk. 1. Make it ridiculously difficult for criminals to install ransomware. The only way ransomware can work is if a helpful site hacker can get into a system. And like all criminals, hackers don’t want to have to fuss around.