The Fundamentals Of Insurance


She agreed with them to cancel her appointment with a lawyer. Now Frazier is having trouble reaching her. It’s an additional toll among older people during the pandemic: Their diminished social contacts make it less likely that others would notice problems that could put them at risk of exploitation. “The pandemic, it’s a perfect storm,” Frazier said. Explore Senior exploitation often not reported to police Elder financial exploitation this ballooned following the 2008 housing bust: everything from scam calls and con jobs to the most common type of all, family financial exploitation. And exploitation and fraud are likely ballooning now, experts say. “Imagine 22 million people lost their jobs in the last nine months and 10 million have not regained their job,” said Kristen Lewis, an attorney in special needs estate planning who helps her clients try to protect their assets. “People do desperate things.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the Inspector General said it has seen a spike in elder harm and neglect and is concerned about the level of fraud.

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